AR and VR jobs : How to start a career in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

By Akilesh Manchikanti | 27th November, 2020 | 4 min Read

Augmented Reality commonly referred to as AR,is a technology to superimpose 3D objects, images or text in the real world.Most of us are not aware of AR until Pokemon Go showed the real capabilities of AR. Augmented Reality and Virtual reality has a lot of potential and it will transform the way we look at things and will change your lives more than a smartphone has done. Many industries have started using Augmented reality and Virtual reality and the demand for skilled people has been increasing steadily since a few years. As a result of this, more and more people are looking to start their career in Augmented and virtual Reality or trying to change their career to AR. Keep reading this article to know more about AR and VR jobs.

Top industries using AR and VR

jobs in ar and vr and industries using ar and vr

For students or professionals who are looking for jobs in AR and VR, here are the top 6 industries using AR and VR:

  1. Education:AR technology makes an impact in this sector by engaging students and making the concepts easy to visualize.
  2. Healthcare: AR helps medical experts to explain various ailments and treatments to patients at ease and train the medical staff.
  3. Airspace: Technicians are using AR to fix the problems and train the staff for regular aircraft maintenance.
  4. Automotive: Many car manufacturers like BMW and Audi are using AR and VR in their manufacturing units to assemble part of the car and AR Is also used to develop heads up display in the car.
  5. Real Estate : AR and VR is used in real estate to add a new level of luxury interaction by portraying the interior and exterior of the buildings and making them interactive.
  6. Marketing: Marketing domain is using AR to display ads on billboards etc. One of the most known apps is ikea AR app which helps users automatically scale furniture based on the dimensions of the room.

Apart from the industries mentioned above there are many more industries that are using Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality.

According to Statista, it is forecasted that over 23 million jobs will be enhanced by augmented reality and virtual reality globally by 2030. AR ,VR and mixed reality (MR) is often referred to as extended reality.

jobs in ar and vr and incresing demand of jobs in ar and vr

Jobs in AR and VR

Starting a career or a job in augmented reality or virtual reality is similar to starting a job as a software developer or software engineer. You have to learn different programming languages and understand the underlying technology in order to develop.

Currently augmented reality is the field that has immense potential and it is the right time for you to start a career or job in augmented reality or virtual reality. While the job options seem never ending, let's look at the in-demand jobs in AR and VR.

  1. AR/VR Software Developer :

    All the industries or companies which invest in AR/VR need software developers to develop augmented/virtual reality applications. The main job role or responsibility of AR/VR software developer is to be familiar of AR/VR hardware and software and also have good understanding of object oriented programming especially in C# bad C++. With the knowledge of coding and with a little bit of creativity ,you will be offered lucrative salaries worldwide.

  2. AR/VR user experience designer:

    The roles of user experience designers is to develop immersive environments for various augmented reality applications.A UX designer has to work with 3D artists and designers to develop prototypes, new user experiences. To become an UX designer you must have knowledge of engines like unity and unreal and also understanding of 3D graphics softwares.

  3. AR/VR Design Architect:

    The main role of a design architect is to design the head set or HUD or goggles that are required for the augmented reality application. All the interior and exterior hardware and design required will be designed by you. To pursue a career as an AR/VR design architect you must have a degree in architecture

  4. 3D Designer/Artist:

    3d artist/designer is the most emerging career and also on demand. You need to get upskilled regularly in order to cope up with the upcoming trends and technologies. In order to work as a 3D designer/artist you must have a degree in graphic designer or computer graphics. If you don't want to attend a full time course you can opt for a certification program as well. This is where you can put your creativity and develop mind blowing designs and animations.

    The main job role is to develop graphics,visual effects and animations using 3D modelling,texture, mapping and other techniques. You need a strong understanding of color,light and texture and how they work together.

How to Start a career in Augmented and Virtual Reality?

If you already have the qualifications and skills required that the companies require you can straight away take up the job.

If you are a fresher looking to start a career in AR/VR, or switching careers, it is always recommended to pursue certification programs online. There are many e learning websites that offer AR/VR courses and you can get a taste of this technology. To get more information about the best resources to learn AR and VR, refer to Best Resources to learn AR in 2020

In order to get your hands dirty and gain some experience, you need to attend meetups and interact with experienced professionals who are passionate about this technology. By doing this you can get a wider and better understanding of the current trends and technologies that experts are currently using to develop AR/VR applications.

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