Data Science as a career ? How to start a career in Data Science ?

By Mukunda Pericherla | 18th December, 2020 | 5 min Read

We have been asked a lot of questions related to choosing data science as a career. How can a freshman get into data science? What skills should be needed to become a data scientist? What career roles do we have in the field of data science? What salary can I expect as a data scientist ? And much more. So here we are to answer all these questions and provide you with various roles for people choosing data science as a career.

Data Science is named as the number one job in the US By Glassdoor,and it is estimated that the demand for data science jobs will drive a 27.9% rise in employment by 2026 according to the bureau of labour statistics.

Data Science Importance

Data Science is being used by many popular companies to ease their regular process. Data science is important for both retailers and also consumers like us. 

Let's consider the example of Walmart. Do you know how Walmart is using data science to stand out in the market? Walmart collects 2.5 petabytes of data every hour from its customers. It uses big data techniques and technologies like Hadoop to structure all this data and gain valuable insights.

Walmart is using data science to make store checkouts more efficients. There are certain hours of the day where the store is more crowded.This makes it difficult for employees to manage the crowd.With the help of predictive analytics, staff at walmart can plan the checkout efficiently and effectively.

Walmart  is using real time analysis of data to predict the buying behaviour of the customers. This allows the staff to place the products that are in demand and also which are in future demand based upon other factors as well.

Not only in the commercial sector, but data science helps to improve public health through wearable trackers that motivate people to adopt healthy habits and can alert users of critical health issues.

With a large number of applications the importance for data science is increasing day by day and people choosing data science as a career is also rising.

Data Science as a Career - In- Demand Data Science Careers 

From the above examples we have seen that data science professionals are needed ,not just in technology but in each and every field. The five biggest tech companies -Google, Amazon,Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have large numbers of people working in this domain.

With companies investing in data science, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is rising at a rapid rate. 

Here are the leading data science careers you can get into with specific skill sets.

  1. Data Analyst data science as career -data analyst

    source: datacamp

    Role : Your day-to-day responsibilities might include pulling data from the web and performing various pre-processing techniques. Performing transformations, and various manipulations to large data sets. Perform various analysis and find out insights from the data. You might also be asked to show various visualizations to show your analysis.

    Median Salary : $77,063

    Skills : SQL, SAS, R, Python are some of the skills companies generally look at. Having hands-on experience in Excel and Tableau might also be helpful.

  2. Database Administrator data science as career -data base administrator

    source: datacamp

    Role :This role is slightly oriented towards Big Data. They are expected to build and test highly scalable big data ecosystems. Some Companies might be dealing with a lot of data and traffic. So they hire people who can manage the infrastructure to handle all that data. They are expected to maintain efficient databases so that it becomes easy for the data scientists to run their analysis.

    Median Salary : $74,041

    Skills : NoSQL, SQL, R, Ruby, Java are some of the skills companies generally look at. It can be helpful if you have some experience on popular etl tools as well.

  3. Data Engineer (ML/AI Engineer)  data science as career -data engineer

    source: datacamp

    Role : This role is in high demand these days. You are expected to focus on designing self-running software and predictive modelling. You work in close collaboration with data scientists and see that the models used by data scientists are accurate.

    Median Salary : $111,069

    Skills : Advanced Math and Statistics skills (linear algebra, calculus, Statistical Concepts). Programming Experience in Python, R, C++. Along with ml frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras an experience in libraries and packages like Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Caffe etc are also needed

  4. Data Scientist data science as career -data scientist

    source: datacamp

    Role :Data Scientists are mainly concerned with generating valuable insights for driving business growth through data-oriented decision making. They are expected to use the models generated by ML Engineers and extract meaningful insights from large datasets and communicate the information to business stakeholders.

    Median Salary : $95,000

    Skills :A good understanding of statistics is vital for a data scientist. So a statistical language like python or R along with sql is a must. Basic implementation of various ML algorithms is also needed. Although it is not necessary to understand the deeper aspects of these algorithms is not necessary, you need to know when and where to apply which algorithm. Apart from these Data Visualization skills are also beneficial.

  5. Business Analyst data science as career -business analyst

    source: datacamp

    Role : This is a slightly different role compared to other data science roles. It is in some sense a combination of a business professional and an IT professional. You are expected to combine decision making with data and drive various business decisions. You should be able to separate quality data and insights from the whole data and deliver the right decisions.

    Median Salary : $64,774

    Skills :Apart from the basic visualization and data tools like Microsoft Office, Tableau, proper domain knowledge might also be helpful. Basic programming and data manipulation tools will also help.

  6. Statistician  data science as career -statistician

    source: datacamp

    Role : He is responsible for creating data-driven surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires. He is expected to decide on the best ways to collect data and analyse the standards of data. Not only do they extract and offer valuable insights from the data clusters, but they also help create new methodologies for the engineers to apply

    Median Salary :$87,780

    Skills :You have to be skilled with statistical theories and methodology. Must understand Machine Learning and Data Mining. You need to have basic knowledge of SQL.

How to start a career in Data Science?

As you have seen there are various data science careers available.A machine learning expert, a statistician, a data scientist , a data engineer and there are many roles that you can go for. Depending upon your work experience and background, you have to choose which role is more suitable for you.

Before you choose a data science as a career , make sure you:

  1. Speak to people from industry and understand the roles.
  2. Take mentorship from the experts - ask for time and ask relevant questions.
  3. Figure out what you want and what you are good at before choosing a particular role

As you have decided the role, it is important to think on how to start a career in a particular data science role. The demand for people choosing data science as a career is high, so before you take up an online course, make sure you understand the objectives of the course and whether it's satisfying your primary goal.

Free or a paid course doesn't matter. The main question to be asked is whether the course makes your basics strong and can you use this knowledge to start your career in data science. After you take up any course , you have to be diligent , and follow the coursework and be a part of discussions all the time.

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